Month: April 2017

10 Style Tips You Should Be Embracing Now: For Marketers

We all know the old proverb about not getting a second chance to make a first impression. When it comes to marketers, this rings very true. If you are seeking to give the appearance of a skilled, modern and successful marketer, the choices you make in how you dress and style yourself are crucial. Indeed, you could be the world’s next best thing in the marketing world, but if your appearance doesn’t match your skills, you may find yourself lacking clients and reputation.

Since dressing and style are so important to marketers, how can you make sure that you are giving the right image to current and potential clients? Let’s take a look at our top 10 styles tips that you should be embracing right now!

Tip 1 – Get Rid Of The Old Fashioned-Look

Marketers want to give the impression of being modern and trendy. That means that the old-fashioned corporate look may not go down well when trying to impress potential clients. If you find anything in your work wardrobe that has an old-fashioned feel to it, get rid of it immediately!

Tip 2 – Opt For Trendy

A potential client will be looking at you as their hopes for future success. Since the future is all about being modern, you want to give off an appearance that you belong there. Stay up to date with current fashion trends and try to incorporate them into your wardrobe.

Tip 3 – Being Unique Is A Good Thing

Remember, being a marketer is a special position to have. You have the ability to enjoy a successful and fulfilling role, as well as make a real difference to other people’s dreams and aspirations. Dressing and styling yourself in a way that, while not being outrageous, shows a sense of uniqueness, is sure to make people talk about you for all the right reasons.

Tip 4 – Choose Dress Styles That Are Comfortable, But Not Too Comfortable!

Dressing in strict business attire may do you no favors as a marketer. It can also make people think that you are simply trying too hard to impress, something that can put potential clients off you. Choosing a style that is modern, trendy, professional, but with a good hint of comfort, will help people to relate to you and feel comfortable in your presence.

Tip 5 – Let A Professional Care For Your Hair

No matter what type of hair type you have, a professional hairdresser can have it looking the part as a marketer. Overly casual, messy or bedraggled hair styles are options you want to steer well clear of. Granted, the ‘just out of bed look’ may be popular, but it’s not right for someone who intends to make a great impression as a marketer.

Tip 6 – Stay Up To Date With Hairstyles

You may have created the perfect hair look with your hairdresser several years ago, but is it still giving a modern and trendy impression now? Hairstyles and fashion are constantly changing. Stay up to date with the sleek, trendy and unique styles that are popular these days and make sure that you fit in well with them.

Tip 7 – Accessories Are Everything

It’s not just your clothes and hair that need to shout out ‘amazing marketer,’ your accessories also play a key role. In general, you should stay away from generic and dull choices that usually go completely unnoticed by everyone else. Rather opt for accessories that perfectly merge boldness with professionalism.

Tip 8 – Don’t Be Boring!

If you are unsure whether an item of clothing, accessory or hairstyle is right for you as a marketer, just ask yourself one question; is it boring? If the answer is yes, put it down!

Tip 9 – Wear Your Confidence

You may have mastered all the right clothes, hair, and accessories, but it won’t come to much if you don’t have the confidence to match it. Tell yourself you are the next best thing in marketing every morning, then wear that confidence throughout the day.

Tip 10 – Personality Is Key

Remember, you have made the career choice to be a marketer, that means you should have the personality of a marketer. Don’t be afraid to let that personality shine through.

Indeed, the role of a marketer can be a fun, exciting and fast-paced one. To make sure that people recognize you as the amazing marketer that you are, make sure you put time and effort into your style, hair, and general appearance.